Resizing, zooming, and compact view in the standalone app

Resizing options, zoom, and a compact view of the SoundID Reference standalone app. The options are useful to make space on your desktop view when the app is open or adjust the zoom for better reading conditions.


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Resizing the application window

SoundID Reference standalone app has a responsive design. You can now resize the application window by dragging the edge of the application screen.


UI zooming

SoundID Reference app has a zoom function, which allows adjusting the magnification level of the UI elements. Both features should provide more convenience and accessibility, especially for users with large screens. 

  • Interface zoom can be accessed from Preferences
  • Using the key combination:

    Ctrl +/-

    ⌘ +/-


Compact view

The compact view is a new visual feature for SoundID Reference that allows users to hide the output device and preset sidebar. If you wish to simplify your GUI this option will make it happen.


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