[MAC] Microphone access requirement in Accessibility preferences

On macOS 10.14 Mojave and later, all audio applications must be given permission to access audio inputs. When opening the SoundID Reference app for the first time after installing it or updating your OS, you will see this notification: 


Click 'OK' to allow the SoundID Reference app access to audio inputs.


Similarly, running the SoundID Measure app for the first time after installing it or updating your Mac to macOS 10.14 Mojave or later, you will need to allow the SoundID Measure app access to audio inputs as well. The notification (similar to the one above but this time from SoundID Measure) will appear in the Hardware Setup stage, after the measurement microphone calibration profile setup and before choosing the inputs and outputs on your hardware device. 


If missed during installation, grant microphone access permission manually:

If you didn't get the notification for some reason or clicked on "Don't Allow" by accident, you can still grant access in System Preferences:

  1. Close SoundID Reference and/or SoundID Reference Measure
  2. Open System Settings > Privacy & Security > Microphone
  3. Turn on the setting next to SoundID Reference and/or SoundID Measure
  4. Relaunch the software

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The sys pref options look different now (MacOS Ventura)

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