Audio distortion on higher buffer size



If I use buffer size higher than 128 I'm getting audio distortion and slowdown, lower buffer sizes work without issues. I thought using higher buffer sizes is supposed to be safer but this is not the case with me.

I'm using latest version of standalone app v5.8.0 but I had this issue with previous versions as well. If I turn off standalone app and route my audio to my MOTU M2 interface everything works fine, I can use any buffer size without any audio artifacts. I'm on Windows 10 everything is up to date.

This is a problem for me when using Cubase because with such low buffer size I tend to have audio dropouts once the project gets bigger (more plugins are used). So in this case I have to manually switch buffer size to 1024 to avoid those issues.

I'd appreciate some help on how to resolve this issue.

Here is the screenshot of settings I have to use to avoid audio distortion:


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