SoundID Reference and metering / analyzer app


Hi guys,

I'm running SoundID Reference on a Mac M2 Max Ventura and have the following problem when using SoundID Reference systemwide outside my DAW.


Beside having SoundID Reference doing its room correction magic, I want to see what's going on on my metreing / analyzer app. In my case it is DigiCheck NG from RME. The Problem is, that SoundID Reference acts as the main audio driver in the system and outputs the calibrated signal to my RME Fireface UFX+ audio interface. Therefore also DigiCheck NG is feeded with the already calibrated audio signal and displays the wrong data on its analyzer tools. 


I need a solution where the original audio signal is routed first or in parallel to my Fireface UFX+ / DigiCheck NG, so DigiCheck NG shows the correct data from the original audio signal.


Unfortunately SoundID Reference systemwide offers no opportunity to separately route the original audio signal thru the app to a dedicated software or hardware input / output. 


I'm also using the analyzing app Decibel from Process Audio. Decibel in standalone mode also runs as an audio driver. So in this case, I'm selecting Decibel as my main output device on my system and then set up SoundID Reference as output in Decibels i/o settings. This works, but it is no my preferred metering / analyzer app.


Looking forward to your answers, thanks in advance


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