How to obtain ADAM Audio trial with profile export functionality?


Try out SoundID Reference calibration on your ADAM Audio A series speakers with an exclusive trial opportunity or a SoundID Reference license.


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Profile export to ADAM Audio A Series speakers

With version 5.4.0 (Oct 6, 2022) or later, SoundID Reference features a calibration profile export feature for ADAM Audio A-Series speakers. This allows users to measure, export, and upload their speaker calibration profile directly onto the ADAM Audio A Series monitors.



Extended 60-day ADAM trial

Along with the feature release, we have also set up an extended 60-day free trial for SoundID Reference, exclusive to the A Series speaker owners. This special trial provides access to the profile export feature, which is otherwise not available with the regular 21-day trial.

To claim your 60-day ADAM trial, a registration process is required with both ADAM Audio and Sonarworks. Follow these steps:


  1. Go to the ADAM Audio website and log into the MYADAM user area
  2. Click on Add Products and enter the serial number of your A Series speakers (find the S/N at the back of the speakers). Once done, click on Add Product > Save Changes. You should now receive a confirmation email from ADAM Audio
  3. Log in to your Sonarworks Account, or register a new account
  4. Go to the SoundID Reference Integrations page and click on Claim free 60-day trial
  5. Enter your A Series serial number


Your trial is now active, check your email for confirmation and further instructions. Follow this guide for getting started with speaker calibration on A Series: Exporting a calibration profile for ADAM Audio A Series speakers






SoundID Reference full license

After the 60 days trial is over, the profile uploaded onto the A Series speakers will also stop functioning. To keep using the calibration on your A Series speakers (incl. the profile export feature) a full SoundID Reference product license will be required. The ADAM Audio A Series integration is available with these license types:



The SoundID Refenrece products (incl. the measurement microphone for speaker calibration) are available in Sonarworks Store, or with your local dealer: Dealer map


IMPORTANT: The calibration profile export feature is not available for the 21-day SoundID Reference trial license.

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