Two subwoofers?


I just bought SoundID Reference and am already impressed with the result. Thank you. 

Despite there being an article saying that it only supports a .1 (single, daisy chained) subwoofer, my setup is different:

Scarlett 18i20 Interface -> CMC2 controller -> 2x Focal Be6, Subwoofer A and Subwoofer B. 

Each Subwoofer is on a different CMC2 output. There is no option to daisy chain them to the focal monitors. 

In addition, due to selective mode cancellation, Subwoofer A is at ear height on the left of listening position. Subwoofer B is on the floor underneath right Focal monitor. 

As I said, I like the results I already have with preliminary measurements and filter. 

However, I was wondering if there are any suggestions or comments about maybe optimising / re-measuring this setup? 

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Hey Mikey,

Thanks for your post! 

If you are using a subwoofer as part of your setup, the L-R monitors will have to be routed through the sub unit. The software only supports 2.0 and 2.1 stereo systems, so the subwoofer unit(s) can't be routed separately through a third channel.

In case anyone else is looking for information on measuring your setup that includes a subwoofer, take a look at our support guide here: Measuring a subwoofer setup in 2.0 stereo 

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