Simulate supported headphones using Translation Check

This guide offers in-depth information on the headphone simulation in SoundID Reference Translation check - what the feature is, when to use it, and how to turn it off.


In this article:

  1. Headphone simulation feature
  2. Important to know when using simulations
  3. How to turn off Translation Check?


Headphone simulation feature

Want to make sure your mix translates well on a specific headphone model? With the SoundID Reference 5.7 update (link to release notes), you can simulate the sound of any SoundID Reference-supported headphones on your own calibrated setup.

This feature is available via Translation Check and works identically in both the standalone app and the DAW plugin. To add a headphone simulation target:

  1. Select your output preset, and navigate to the Target Mode panel
  2. Select Translation Check > Headphones
  3. Select Add a headphone profile
  4. Select any of the predefined headphone simulation targets


You can delete any of your simulation targets, or click on the "❤" icon to add them to your Favorites


Important to know when using simulations

There are some key aspects to take into account when using this feature:

  • Only an average freq. response of the target simulation will be applied
  • Simulating headphones will not give you the precise sound of the target headphone curve. It is a rough representation of how things MIGHT sound on the simulated headphones
  • When simulating Individual Headphone Calibration profiles, the individual L-R correction curves of the simulated profile will be summed and applied as an average


How to turn off Translation Check?

To turn off the Translation Check feature, simply switch back to Flat Target instead. Learn more about different target modes and how to switch between them here: Calibration Target Modes

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