Climbing latency with occasional audio dropouts [MAC]

If you notice a climbing latency that causes audio artifacts when using the SoundID Reference app, this guide provides a brief explanation and solutions to resolve the issue.


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Status: issue resolved 
Resolution version: - download center
Release date: Sep 06, 2023 - release notes


Climbing latency

There was an issue where there were audible audio dropouts every few minutes when using the SoundID Reference standalone app. This was caused by the latency growing over time and then resetting itself with an audible pop. Our development team has resolved it in the 5.7.3 release.



To resolve the issue, please install our latest release, 


If any issue persists, let us know. It is worth following the below steps for potential improvements. 

  • Check for OS updates, make sure your computer is up to date
  • Update your audio interface drivers and firmware
  • We suggest switching the sample rate to 44.1 kHz on your audio device and make sure it matches in the audio settings
  • Set the power settings on your computer to high performance (Best Performance)
  • Access Audio/Midi settings and check if you have an Aggregate Device set up? Remove the Aggregate Device
  • By default the buffer size, value is set to 512. We recommend increasing the buffer size samples value, however, it's worth decreasing the buffer size up to 128 to see if the issue has been resolved. Read more here: Buffer size setting in the SoundID Reference app

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