No sound or distorted output after computer sleep [MAC]

Status: issue resolved 
Resolution version: - download center
Release date: Sep 06, 2023 - release notes


Power-saving state issue

When this issue occurs, it manifests itself as either the SoundID Reference Virtual Audio Device not being available or a choppy/distorted output when the computer has been woken up from the power-saving state (sleep mode). Our developers are currently looking into it.



To resolve the issue, please install our latest release, version 


Below  are two workarounds that were a solution on the public release:


Restarting Playback Engine

  1. Open the SoundID Reference standalone app
  2. Navigate to your assigned audio interface in the Output Panel
  3. Click on '' (the three-dot menu) > Device settings
  4. Click on Restart playback engine


Relaunching the SoundID Reference app

  1. Click on the SoundID Reference tray icon 
  2. Select "Quit"
  3. Launch SoundID Reference

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