Sonarworks password and account recovery

If you're looking for ways how to recover your Sonarworks account and password, this guide will provide you with steps and tips on how to proceed.


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Password recovery

If you have forgotten your password and are unable to log in to your existing Sonarworks Account, we recommend resetting your password, before taking any further actions.

  1. Go to the Sonarworks Account login page and click on Forgot your password?
  2. Enter your account email address, and click on Get reset link
  3. Check your mailbox for an email from Sonarworks Accounts. Open it and click on Set a new password - you will then be redirected to the password reset page
  4. Enter your new password and click on Save


NOTE! If you cannot access your user account and can't recover it using the 'Forgot your password?' option, it means such an account doesn't exist. In this case, proceed with registering a new account.


Account recovery

If you no longer have access to the email address that was used to register the account, our first recommendation would be to try restoring access to it.

If that is not possible, and thus password recovery is not an option, you'll need to contact our Support Team by submitting a request below, and include the following information:

  1. Your full name and email address associated with the Sonarworks Account
  2. The new email address that you wish to proceed with
  3. Products details associated with your account (activation keys, order numbers, invoices, billing details - any valuable information you can provide)


NOTE! If you are using multiple email addresses and are unsure which one was used with your Sonarworks Account, make sure to include all email addresses you've used in the past.

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